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UK Car Theory Test... SORTED!

Get all car your theory test learning done in a single day with the revolutionary Theory Test Ace method...

A brain stimulating story structure that has the theory test answers embedded discreetly into its scenes will have your brain hungrily lapping up the information without resistance...

Despite the importance of learning the material, attempting to wade through the thousand + theory test questions, and memorising them...

it can take months, and have your brain holding up the white flag of surrender with the tedious repetitiveness of it all...

While the prospect of driving might be exciting, unfortunately the theory test material itself is a snore fest... 

So it may take many painful repetitions of reading before the answers stick in your brain. Even then, with a theory test that boasts a 50% failure rate, there are still no guarantees of passing...

Each one of the 200+ scenes from the storyline of 'The Theory test Ace Method' is built around one theory test issue...

The Lemon-Tree scene, for example, is designed to embed the stopping distance at 60mph into your mind.

In the text of the storyline, one of the three main characters is forced to confront a speed demon in the shape of a Lemon-Tree after she over-speeds along a country road.

(Whether she manages to avoid a headlong collision with it, you will have to read the book to find out...)

Lemon-Tree rhymes with Seven-Three (73 metres - the stopping distance at 60mph)

The scene introduces this information to your brain in a way that it likes and is easily digestible to it, guaranteeing you will be able to effortlessly recall it during your test...

And even for years later. Beats trying to recall an obscure formula or table of figures right?

How people are using the theory test ace method:

Stress: The theory test method is being used to remove the stress of trying to memorise through months of repetitious study.

Anxiety: Removing the anxiety of potential failure through scrabbling for the answers when the clock is ticking and your mind is going blank.

Last minute: When the theory test is only a few days away and people are feeling under-prepared, or have done little to no study.

Time poor: When other commitments are leaving people short of time and energy for learning the theory test.

Failed before: When people have failed the test, one or many times, before and are looking for an approach that will work for them.

Here’s how easy it is to learn with the theory test ace method:

• Download the book or sign in to the members area.

• Read the book or listen to the audio version provided

• Watch the hazard perception saturation clips

• (optional) read through the highway code

• (optional) breeze the book one more time

At the end of each chapter is short summary of Q & A's covered by that chapter.

It is recommended to ignore them on first read through so your flow is not disrupted.

A second read through of the book (this time answering the end of chapter questions) will give you massive confidence the book has worked its subliminal magic.

On any average day of the week these tools sell for £14.95. And now there's also the added bonus of the high performance game which, by itself, is worth the price.

And given the huge time-savings and piece of mind this figure represents, this is a price anyone world be happy to pay.

However, you have arrived at a very fortunate moment in time because right now, FULL membership access is being offered for FREE...

All you need do is hit up the button below, sit back and enjoy the thrill ride that follows...


I have a keen interest in memory and learning techniques. I can sincerely declare that this book offers a very simple but powerful route towards understanding rather than memorising the answers to theory test requirements.

I loved the way the various twist and turns in the story line reinforced the rules, laws and driving procedures of the highway code, driving the essential skills, and know your signs in an efficient and "stress free" manner. I recommend this book to all my pupils and to full licence holders



Driving instructor

Now you may well be thinking things like this:

Learn the entire theory test subject in a single day without conscious effort? That’s impossible...

Do you recall the stopping distance at 60mph?

Now imagine a fast-paced story of three characters on a round-the-country road race, where every scene is a theory test issue made memorable by powerful memory techniques...

Well this theory test ace method sounds amazing but if it makes learning so easy, why not use it in schools for all subjects?

That’s an excellent question and one memory masters and even world champions have been asking for years...

The education system is a horribly inefficient, one-size-fits-all, rote learning system which puts many off further education for life. ..

The theory test ace method really does do what it claims but if you can't quite believe me yet, just try it for yourself...

Did I mention I am giving access for FREE right now :)

Once you are inside the membership area you will have full access to:

• The theory test ace book – ‘Pass your theory test in a day’ (in written and audio)

• The hazard perception ace video saturation clips (another amazing innovation)

• A full walk-though of the four stages to passing your theory test with links

Sign up right now and get your HALF PRICE access to the members area. 

While this book is packed with powerful and specialist memory techniques, I cannot remind you to sign up if you leave this page without taking action.

Once this offer is gone... it's gone!!!

  • The theory test ace method
  • The hazard perception ace method
  • The High Performance Game
  • The four stage pass-your-theory-test guide (complete with links) 


When the countdown ends the price will revert to £14.95

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat.

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