Revealed! The discovery that set me FREE from 25 Years of Shyness

& Social Anxiety


"The 6 Week Shyness & Social Anxiety Therapy Program - Intensive is a brand new, powerfully effective, combination Social Anxiety treatment aimed to help ANYONE overcome shyness and social anxiety in a very short space of time... and from the privacy of your own home. Developed by behavior expert and
25 year long former sufferer - Richard Gray"

#1. The Introduction Manual

The introduction guide to this shyness & social anxiety treatment will be your guide through this powerful program, with an introduction and brief synopsis to each strategy...

Hi, my name is Richard Gray, I see you here in defiance of shyness and social anxiety - and because you are here reading this, i am guessing you are in a place I once was. It's a strange kind of half life isn't it? You could be surrounded by people, while at the same time feeling like you are worlds apart, separated from them by a hundred foot high invisible wall...

#2. The Shyness/Social Anxiety Manual

This manual contains eight laser targeted strategies and techniques for overcoming shyness and social anxiety - effectively de-programming you from those deeply engrained neural pathways that lead to the social anxiety reaction.

Your anxiety and shyness behavioural reactions to certain situations may well have been developing like a tumour in the back of your mind since earliest childhood - And when something develops that slowly you don't know its happening until it has consumed your entire personality. The Techniques in this manual force that tumour into remission, creating space for new thinking.

#3. The Confidence/Self-Esteem Manual

The confidence multiplier manual is a tour-de-force of strategies and techniques designed to target the seven tell-tale areas of low confidence and self-esteem.

 As the de-programmer techniques begin to break down your old patterns of behaviour so a void is created in your mind - Most people ultimately fail to break a behaviour or habit because they have nothing to fill the void with. That's where the very specifically designed confidence multiplier techniques come in to fill the void and build you back up.

#4. The Conversation Spinner Manual

The conversation spinner begins building a platform of very specific social skills designed for those prone to suffering the blank mind syndrome.

This is the final, and perhaps most crucial part in the 6 weeks combination therapy program - If the anxiety de-programmer, and the confidence multiplier manuals are the equivalent of creating a new life, then the uniquely stylised techniques in the spinner manual are the equivalent of your luggage. And what a journey you are in for with this high ticket program..

In Just 6 Weeks From Now..

You could be genuinely shyness and social anxiety FREE... and its so easy to get started. The 6 week Shyness & Social Anxiety therapy program has been packaged into these four PDF manuals so you can get started instantly. As soon as you sign up you will be given access to the members area where all the materials await you - including a full suite of supporting videos...

Rock-star Guarantee

If at any time during the next 60 days you are not experiencing substantial reductions in your shyness and anxiety symptoms, and a surging in your confidence and optimism. Along with a quite astounding new conversational skillset, or if you are not, in any other way, completely satisfied or happy with this program, just let me know and i will initiate a full refund. No hard feelings, no tricks, no inquisitions, I just want you to feel fully satisfied...

It is said that an unconfident, uncertain person is slow to make decisions and fast to  change their mind, while a confident person is quick to make decisions and slow to  change their mind. Learn about the 5 second push in week 4 that turns you into a master decision maker. 

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