The Shyness & Social Anxiety Breakthrough Program

This presentation contains the formula for Shyness & Social Anxiety freedom...

You know, everyday used to be the same for me - Wake up, be OK for a few seconds then slump as the reality of my abominable life rushed in...

Shyness and Social Anxiety really took hold around the time of starting secondary school, and stuck around for the next twenty-five years - only letting go after a long fight and stubborn refusal from me to accept it's life-reducing influence.

What did I lose and what are you losing?

School friends - four years of school life spent in near isolation among classmates whom I lost the ability to relate to...

Qualifications - low self-esteem stole my ability to care, leading me to flunk all my school exams...

Higher education - while my classmates were full of excited chatter and plans for university, I turned my back and ran hard in the opposite direction...

Twenties - the best and most carefree time in most people's life, I spent nursing with a heavy heart, doing unfulfilling day jobs - with colleagues who probably felt the same way about working with me...

Girlfriends - While everyone around me were going home to families, partners, or making plans with friends, this part of the human experience felt as utterly remote to me as being an astronaut floating alone in space...

Through all those dark hopeless years, that may as well have been space, work colleagues and housemates flitted in and out of my life. But no girlfriends, no confidence or self-esteem, and not a single real conversation beyond the superficial.

That’s the first of what shyness and social anxiety steals from you - belief and connection. Belief in yourself and connection with others.

Lack of self-belief led me to think I had nothing interesting to offer, and to watch others all around me engaging in real banter, with words that flowed so easily - left me feeling sick with envy and hopeless frustration.

In my late twenties I made a life-changing discovery that could stop my mind going blank forever, and pivot a near lifetime of self-critical thinking - it was what alcoholics call a moment of clarity.

For a moment in time I saw through the wall of negative beliefs I had built up about myself, to a future where I had just as much ability and potential as anybody else.

Whatever anybody else could do, I was also capable of doing.

For a while, the discovery gave me a feeling of confidence I had forgotten existed. So much so I even said yes when a colleague asked me to be his best man.

I've always had a powerfully creative mind so I sat down and crafted the best, best-man’s speech you never heard, and committed it to memory using my new discovery.

The big day arrived and in true style - I forgot most of my speech...

While the groom was very understanding, I felt humiliated, crushed, and just wishing I could fade out of existence as I stood, cheeks burning and hands shaking, before a room of confused people wondering if the speech was now over.

The following day I got angry, then determined. I had experienced confidence for a while, but it hadn't replaced the shyness and social anxiety, they had just co-existed for a while.

And of course, the social anxiety had been around for a lot longer than my new-born confidence, it was deeply embedded in my subconscious...

So when my moment to shine came, the shyness and social anxiety had effortlessly overpowered the fledgling confidence.

From that moment on it became my life mission to eliminate the shyness and social anxiety and free up confidence to grow and flourish and feed my mind.

Many years of training, experimenting, learning, and testing later, I discovered an incredible way to neutralise all the bad memories and experiences that corrupt the way we think and interact with the world in the present...

I went about applying these new techniques like an oxygen-starved corpse, drawing in chrystal clear fresh air after being buried alive for half a lifetime. I could almost feel my mind feverishly creating new neural pathways and rewriting my personality into the person i started out as before the shyness and social anxiety took hold.

And with the shyness and social anxiety shedding off me like skin shedding off a snake, the blank mind confidence discovery I made years earlier was now free to grow out of control.

All that remained to do from there was create a set of mind-bending conversation skills that could defy even my most stubborn blank mind, and turn me into a competent, confident, and engaging conversationalist and high performance person...

Here’s how my Wordshy system got me from Rigger to doing all that and even confidently delivering presentations for my first published book

It was the day I gave my first book presentation to a crowd of people, I realised how unimaginably successful I had been in my fifteen year mission to eliminate shyness and social anxiety. 

From discovering there is not just one component needed for succeeding, (i.e. the confidence I had experienced through the memory training course) but three very important components which must all be applied, and in a very specific order to work.

When I realised I had discovered a genuine formula that could, in effect, lock Pandora’s Box back up on shyness and social anxiety, I knew I had a responsibility to help prevent others like me from losing half their life to this affliction.

So I began breaking down the miracle three component formula into the twenty-four strategic sessions that had so effectively removed all borders from my life to the point I even get excited now by the idea of talking to people and delivering speeches and presentations. I can now present you with:

Here's what is awaiting you inside your members area:

Here's what others have to say about facing Shyness & Social Anxiety:

While the Wordshy program sessions have been designed to be completed in a specific order, each of the core components of the Wordshy formula have also been formatted into their own mini courses so you can prioritase your efforts on one specific area if you prefer...

Here is exactly what you will be getting:

Over the years I spent well over $25,000 - Or a year’s salary to develop my knowledge and skills at transforming Shyness and Social Anxiety into High Confidence and self-esteem

And it all started with that memory techniques training program which left me broke for a month but in the end, paid for itself many many times over.

Countless classroom hours, seminar hours, home study hours, audio listening hours, transforming into confident high-performance person, NLP master practitioner, hypnotherapist, speaker, and author...

Here’s why the Wordshy – Shyness and Social Anxiety Breakthrough Program would normally cost $2017

If you came to me personally for a single one-hour session it would cost you $297. Other highly rated master practitioners will charge a similar session rate. Go to a famous celebrity practitioner such as Richard Bandler, Paul Makenna, Tony Robbins etc and pay six figure session fee...

Because I have taken my twenty-five years experience, knowledge, and qualifications, and purified, enhanced, then condensed it all into this definitive life-changing program, you are looking at a real-world price of $297.

not just for one hour, but for the entire program with lifetime VIP membership site access...

But because I am a realist I also know that even though you would happily cover this to be free from shyness and social anxiety, it may still be out of your price range.

I really need you to experience what I have experienced, not after twenty-five years but in just six weeks from now, so I am convinced the right thing to do is make everything, including the bonuses, all available for just $97

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