The Shyness & Social Anxiety Breakthrough Program

This presentation contains the formula for Shyness & Social Anxiety freedom...

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WORDSHY - THE SHYNESS & SOCIAL ANXIETY BREAKTHROUGH PROGRAM is a revolutionary new approach that not only guarantees to diminish the spectre of shyness and SA from your life...

It promises to build confidence in yourself and your new social skillset in a way you have never experienced before - You will be entitled to a full refund until such time you tell me you are satisfied...

The Shyness & SA Breakthrough Mentor Manual

There are three essential elements to successfully baking a confidence cake whilst overcoming shyness and social anxiety. And just like any award-winning cake, the ingredients must be blended together in a specific order.

This manual is your quick-start road map through the Wordshy program. With a total of twenty-four techniques and strategies, you will be given a breakdown and synopsis of each one and an explanation of how it works.

Each of the following manuals contain eight modules and are like a separate and very effective course when used alone, but combine them and work through the modules in the order, and timeline, they are laid out in this manual and their effectiveness will be eye-wateringly off the charts...

The Shyness & Social Anxiety Diminisher Manual

This is ground zero and where the tyre hits the tar. Eight strategies and techniques to laser target the origins, and all subsequent significant events responsible for triggering the reactions you experience today.

  • Define a specific step by step plan to achieve your desired outcome
  • Identify and deprogram the earliest most influential causes of your SA
  • identify and neutralise your shyness & SA triggers before they can even begin
  • a powerful method to switch off your negative inner voice
  • learn the trick to dialing down those anxiety feelings prior to a speech or any high-pressure performance
  • Completely overcome those moments of social indecision (this acts like ejecting your frightened inner voice out of the room)  

Fact is, the anxiety and shyness reactions you experience in certain situations may well have been developing like a tumour in the back of your mind since earliest childhood – and when something develops that slowly, like the proverbial frog slowly boiling in water, you are completely unaware your entire personality has been consumed.

These exclusive and ground-braking techniques will send the tumour into complete and permanent remission if deployed precisely as laid out. (In the members area you will also find supporting videos)

The Confidence & Self-Esteem Multiplier Manual

As the de-programmer techniques begin to break down your old patterns of behaviour, that's when other therapy’s techniques run out of steam. But like the energizer bunny, that’s precisely when the Ultimate Confidence system distinguishes itself.

  • How to instantly put yourself into a high-performance state of mind anytime
  • Capture n bottle moments of high confidence (yours or others) to release when needed
  • Take control of your subconscious and tell it what you want (in its own language)
  • Discover how to recognise the secrets others people’s body language is spilling
  • Hijack and harness the best quality of other people like it was your own
  • Make complete strangers feel relaxed and comfortable in your company (like you were old friends)
  • from your voice constricting to that of a mouse to supreme confident sustained projection

The juiced-up techniques of Ultimate confidence breakdown and scramble your shyness and social anxiety creating a behaviour response void. Now you deploy the specifically designed confidence multiplier techniques to fill the void.

The Conversation & Social Skills Spinner Manual

Now a platform of confidence has been built on solid foundations, we begin to build laser specific social skills upon it. Specifically, conversation skills designed with those whom suffer the blank mind syndrome

  • Prepare to converse on the ten most common topics (the blank mind way)
  • Build up a rapid access database of bite-size conversation starters & awkward silence fillers
  • Never again shy from the ‘What do you do?’ query when you use this genius response formula (even if you have the worst job in the world)
  • How to remember faces and names - never again feel inferior or anxious at forgetting somebody’s name
  • Always and forever know what to say, then what to say after that with this exclusive technique
  • Hold hundreds of jokes, quotes, insults, chat up lines in your head (and be able to recall any of them instantly

If the Anxiety Diminisher, and confidence multiplier strategies are the equivalent of creating a new life, then the uniquely stylised techniques of the spinner manual will be your equivalent of a new wardrobe of amazing clothes to dress yourself up in even more confidence.


Simply put - If by the end of the six week program you have not experienced a near total reduction in your shyness and anxiety symptoms, and a surging in your confidence, along with a quite breath-taking new conversational skill-set, you will be entitled to a full refund - no hard feelings, no tricks, no inquisitions.
- In fact, your Guarantee period doesn't end until you tell me you are satisfied...


You could be genuinely shyness and social anxiety FREE... and its so easy to get started. The Ultimate Confidence - Shyness & Social Anxiety Freedom program has been packaged into these four PDF manuals so you can get started instantly. As soon as you sign up you will be given access to the members area where all the materials await you - including a full suite of supporting videos...

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