Thank you for taking the time out to put in the effort and honestly that has brought you to this page.  And of course, you did so to find an answer to the burning question - Can I beat my Shyness or Social Anxiety? 

Many people with Shyness or Social Anxiety believe they will continue to have it for the rest of their lives. Belief plays a strong role here and you are holding a limiting-belief about yourself. Yet your thinking is not rigidly black and white. Your mind has demonstrated an openness and flexibility toward considering other options.

There are eight levels and you arrived at level five for another reason...

As a child, you were in no way responsible for all the influencing factors that were inflicted upon your young, trusting, and highly impressionable mind.  

As we move into adulthood there comes a transfer of responsibility for all things, from providing the essentials for ourselves, to fulfilling all the other needs we have as human beings.

Responsibility also extends to taking ownership of our relationship and interaction with the world around us. Often we are not aware to the level we are delegating those responsibilities because it is happening below our conscious awareness.


When your inner voice makes statements like – you cannot go to that event because you will feel all the bad things (it will go on to list for you), what it is doing is making everyone at that event responsible for our feelings.

This is known as living at effect, where everything external to us affects, shapes, and dictates the direction of our life.

To live on the cause side of Cause and Effect is to actively cause positive things to happen in your life by your actions.

You are showing an empowering tendency to live at: CAUSE

Now here's what you personally need to know:

First: By the fact you are already living at cause and taking personal responsibility, you already have the right mindset to fight back and beat your shyness and social anxiety


Second: the very fact you made a decision to participate in this exercise, in defiance of the self-defeating nature of Shyness / Social Anxiety, is a factor that is worth acknowledging...

Third: beliefs are not set in stone, so what you believe about yourself right now can, with the right guidance, be changed and even overwritten completely with new, highly positive self-beliefs that radiate out to others...

Fourth: Your shyness or social anxiety persona is not your identity. No baby is born shy or anxious, you are born with a blueprint for life. That blueprint for your personality is still within you, it has just been distorted... 

Fifth: You are at level five which means you are associated into your shyness & social anxiety persona, yet you have enough flexibility in your thinking, and you are taking responsibility for your mind, that you are not yet a full hostage to it. This is very good news.

For you: Your first and most empowering step is to build a vision and a definite goal that will ground you, give you focus, and something to work toward. If you do this then know that, with the right guidance, you CAN beat Shyness and Social Anxiety.

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