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Leveling the social & economic playing field for people with shyness and social anxiety...

I was a bad EMPLOYEE...

I am just one person who never quite managed to be one of the guys in social, work, or business settings. Somehow at work, doing the small talk with colleagues just felt like such hard work, and the shop talk was so tedious i almost wanted to hang myself...

I could either join in and contribute my own complaints about how bad the company was being managed, or how bad i was being treated, or how bad the wages were etc. etc. or I could switch off to it all and become a loner...

So I did, years of frustration, contrarian views, watching the same mistakes being made over and over, had given me the reputation of trouble-maker, outsider, rebel, can't take orders, etc.

I sat in monthly meetings, thinking how much better I could make this company but knowing I would first have to swallow my pride and become a kiss-arse to climb the ladder - but that wasn't my style...

So i sat in those meetings barely contributing to the daily minutia of internal company politics, or engaging with colleagues. My mind was elsewhere, dreaming about one day having my own online business...

I wouldn't wish me on any company...

I resented the companies who employed me, for holding me back to protect their own positions, for failing to recognise what i was capable of, for promoting the incompetent ones because they had better communication skills...

After decades of being cast as the silent one, the unsociable one, the rude one, because i was shy, had social anxiety, was incapable of making interesting small-talk i was slowly becoming resentful, bitter.

I needed to escape the bitterness that pervaded me, but I had nowhere to go. I was becoming institutionalised to the job - hating it but needing the security it brought.

NO! NO! NO! This cannot be all there is...

My mind screamed. If nothing changes I will die early, in depression, and in poverty. I began to dream about having my own business, where i was in control, nobody could hold me back, and I didn't have to submit a holiday request and wait on anybody's approval...

As I went home at night I began to learn, and educate myself, test out different thing, build and test ideas, write books, create intellectual property. This new hobby became an obsession. At work I came out of my shell. My favourite question to colleagues would be:

So! What are your plans for the future..?' 

There would be one of three possible responses:

1. They had never contemplated a world outside the company we were working for...

2. They would have dreams for their own business in the future.

3. Or they (or their partner) would have actual plans for their own business in progress.

The first group, well we struggled along with uncomfortable small-talk until released from our enforced companionship by the clock...

The second group i could pass the time with for a while, and enjoy finding out all about their dreams...

The third group made my job just about as enjoyable as it ever could be, as we talked about our plans and the day we would leave the company...

So which group do you fall into? If the first group I assume you are at work right now, working your routine, working for a good annual evaluation, working for a promotion, wondering if there will be a 2% pay-rise this year, wondering if the boss will approve those two weeks holiday you requested. Whoever you are, i know you are not here reading this but I salute you. Our country and economy will always need you.

But you are here! and reading this! so you, dear visitor, are either the group two or group three person. If group two, it is my hope the one year build an online business challenge will inspire you, and remove many of those objections your inner voice has been coming out with over time - or at least give you some clarity, inspiration, motivation...

Group three, your business model or idea may be similar or much different to mine but the core building blocks will still be the same. There is a ton here for you to discover and learn during the course of this year before you make your own leap.

Check out the 50 formulas business book you get when you sign up for report summaries, you will find this an ingenious resource...

What is the business model for this challenge?

My business model is Digital programs. More specifically, I have a mission to create five foundational courses/programs that take the person from shyness and social anxiety to becoming the ultimate, wealthy, confident, fulfilled human. 

For twenty+ years I have been training to fulfill this role, the last ten years creating my materials and intellectual property. Perhaps the path of creating your own product is the hardest one to get started on, (especially if you are a perfectionist and want your material to be innovating and world leading).

Naturally, you need not create all your own products from scratch - Check your free 50 formulas eBook to discover all the options ;)

So here it is, I have lots of material in various stages of development, the first signature program (Wordshy) is already complete and available, as are a number of my books, but this is just where the real journey begins.

Any aspiring authors out there, sorry but that's the gut punching reality, spend years crafting a beautiful book and you wont get a single sale - but you WILL learn what it takes to do so throughout the course of this challenge - if you stay around.

There are a seemingly endless amount of components needed to build your online empire and i made the classic mistake of trying to learn them all and do them all (at the same time) all that happens is overwhelm and inertia - especially when you are doing it in the evenings after a full day shift at work.

But somehow, even-though i was not blessed with heart-melting good looks, i WAS gifted a relentless determination to keep pushing forward no matter how many roadblocks and punches life throws my way.

Think of that Rocky quote - 'Life aint all sunshine and rainbows...' but DON'T think of Rocky picking himself up off the canvas after the latest heavy blow from Creed or Drago, think of ME instead :) cos I got the face that looks like it took the blows too.

What you will get out of this?

So right now this online build a business in a year challenge is an evolving project, but what you can expect as a minimum is this:

  • A breakdown of every marketing strategy i use (and i know many)
  • Details of all the tools and force multipliers i use
  • The mental strategies i use to keep motivated 
  • Daily summary reports detailing activities done, time breakdowns etc.

There will no doubt be much more to come if this idea takes off (such as live-streams), if i get some real support and feedback from you about what you would like from me etc.

But consider the 50 formulas eBook as my first bribe to get you behind me (these formulas come from the many top business books i have read over the years) I have simply had the foresight to document them as i came across them, then compiled them into the eBook you can access for free. 

What Qualifies me for this?

I read all the business books and went to the seminars, bought and completed the marketing courses. I learnt NLP, Hypnotherapy, and became a master of memory techniques. I wrote books and became an author, Did seminars and presentation courses.

In fact, i am the ultimate victim of the shiny penny syndrome, forever learning the latest, or must know strategy, and never really deploying. I am a walking talking resource that is so ready to take action i quit my day job of twenty years to do so.

If I had waited any longer for the moment i would be ready, this challenge would never be taking place. But it is. I quit without any savings but still with all the monthly bills to pay, so i am highly motivated and ready to pop.

This is a unique opportunity for me and for you too - because while many books will try to sell you the shiny penny of being able to build your own business in half an hour (or some such crazy unrealistic empty promise) I am offering you the unique chance to see it done in real time under the harsh glare of reality. 

At the very least, you can think of it as a business reality show that you can interact with, or just watch from afar. You can learn a little or a lot about what to do and what not to do, strategies and software to use and not to use. And if it all turns into a metaphorical car crash you will see that too (but that wouldn't be entertaining at all)

Well I think I have said it all for now, so I hope you are intrigued enough to sign up for the ride. I'm certainly curious to know what will happen, but lets agree one thing, if you are as like-minded as me about having your own online business or laptop lifestyle, then there is everything to be gained by following my progress, and nothing to be lost :)

Need some fire in your belly?

That's me five years ago

My partner told me to look more interested for her photo, so i threw a suit on and thought about starting my online business... 

More interested in the Story than the behind-the-scenes data & strategies?

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