You are in the loop and I am sending the Bonus PDF access link to the '50 Business Formulas' to your inbox right now - It should arrive within a few moments. If you don't see it take a quick peek in your spam folder and just make sure it didn't take a wrong turn...

So, what happens next?

Well now I get down to the business of building a business. I will send you summaries every few days, or when appropriate, including strategy breakdowns and anything that may be useful to you.

If you are tracking me on social media then there will also be regular blog posts to keep you informed. By the end of the year, if this challenge has been a success, and if there is the interest, then I will compile the entire process into one complete and easy to follow program. 

In the meantime, if you know of anybody else that would find value from tuning into this challenge, please let them know about it or share the following link to your social media. With gratitude, RIchard. 

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