What would YOU sacrifice for an opportunity to start your own business?

I’ve always liked the concept of that quote and considered myself up for the challenge. Sacrifice the next two years worth of parties and social life to work sixteen hours a day relentlessly on your business until it starts providing you the lifestyle you desire.

Who this challenge is for:

What’s your gut reaction to that previous paragraph?

Now if your background is one of

  • Shyness
  • social anxiety
  • introversion 

All of which make carefree and fun social interaction that much harder to the point it even feels harder than performing your day job, then sacrificing a social life for two years is not really even an objection, its more like a happy side consequence.

If you do happen to fall into one of these three categories then you are at the heart of my thoughts during this one year ‘build an online business in a year’ challenge. I know how much more deeply these daily interactions draw from your personal well.

But of course, this challenge is not an exclusive club, its also for you if:

  • Your brain is not conveniently academic and your school life was miserable because of it
  • You are strapped in a job and life you don’t enjoy and is simply servicing the bills
  • You are tired of building someone else’s dream and you think it’s time to build your own
  • You are anti-authoritarian and you simply hate the fact the whole world seems to feel it has a right to tell you what to do. 

Feel free to add to this list in the comments below, all the ones I have listed here resonate with me and are my own reasons for doing what I am doing this challenge.

The sacrifices you will have to make:

I don’t know what your situation in life is right now, or how long you have been stuck, but one thing is sure, if you decide to go all in and begin your own business you WILL have to make many sacrifices and big ones, and not just the social life one but relationships, money, TV and relaxation time etc.

As an example of what I mean, I used to live in the south east of England right next to a beautiful town centre shopping mall and a thirty minute ride into the heart of London. The apartment overlooked the thames/kennet river where geese, ducks, and swans would swim below my balcony.

I loved this shopping access and my location but it took most of our wages and we were stook in the rental trap. So we (me and my wife) decided to move to the north east England, we know nobody and we are seven hours drive from London.

Most of what we loved is no longer accessible to us but our cost of living has dropped, which in turn has finally made it possible to quit my day job. I will talk more about finances later as I am sure this is one of the major objections your brain is throwing up at you right now as a barrier to doing this yourself.

I know your mind will be full of objections about why or how you personally cannot just quit your day job to start your business which is why you are here to follow my progress and perhaps get a few answers to those objections as we go.

I want to share with you a rousing scene from the film ‘Robin hood, Prince of Thieves’ right now to end this post. I think it is a perfect metaphor for answering objections, taking control of your life, and returning to your original ideals after a lifetime of compromises to others has taken you far from your path.

Here a band of men are living as outlaws in the forest. In the scene Robin Hood is trying to convince them to fight back against the evil Sheriff and his soldiers. Please be Inspiring by it.

Robin Hood’s rousing speech:

You wish to end this? You wish to go home? Then we must stop fighting amongst ourselves and face that the price may be dear. I would rather die than spend my life in hiding. The Sheriff calls us outlaws. But I say we are free. And one free man defending his home is more powerful than ten hired soldiers. The Crusades taught me that. I'll make no promises save one: If you truly believe in your hearts that you are free then we can win.

The Objections:

They got armour!

They got armour, Bull? Even this boy can learn to find the chinks in armour.

But we ain't got no food!

What do we need that the forest cannot provide? We have food. Wood for weapons. We'll find safety in the trees.

What about our kin? Sheriff took all they got!

Then, by God, we take it back.

Are you ready to take back your life?

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