Quitting the Day Job to Build an Online Business

How often have you imagined handing in that resignation letter to your boss to start your own business?

If you are introverted, shy, socially anxious, or you barely graduated school because your brain is creative or entrepreneurial rather than academic then I am sure you imagined it more than once.

But here’s the catch-22 problem that prevents the vast majority of us ever following through and doing it – you have all those bills to pay which demands an instant financial solution i.e. a job.

J.O.B standing for Just Over Broke because once you are on that flywheel you must keep it going or risk being unable to pay the rent and feed yourself for starters.

And the older you get the more bills get thrown into the wheel, such as car payments, smart phone installments, child care etc, all of which are your responsibility to keep juggling.

There is of course another little wrinkle that prevents you ever just going for the dream - and that is not knowing what your business would be about, what skill or commodity you could sell etc. Well this is only day one but I will address that hurdle at a later date.

So why might this post be just about the most important read you discover this year if you fit the type of person I have outlined above? Well simply because I am doing it first and I will be posting updates EVERY DAY.

I will give you the full background as I go and I will outline what I am beginning with… and what I am not. I will also share with you:

  • My knowledge (and lack of…)
  • My processes and what I have done.
  • How much time I have put in that day.
  • What tools I have used.
  • My daily mistakes and setbacks.
  • My daily results and successes.
  • My motivation (or lack of…) and mental state 

That latter one will be as big a hurdle to success as any other challenge in trying to start a business – including the absence of money…

By following me throughout 2019 you will discover just what it takes to get a business off the ground (even if you have never done it before) you will learn a ton, and gain a ton of second-hand experience, and ultimately, I will get you to a well-informed point where you will know if this challenging path could ever be one for you.

Expect a very rocky journey with an unknown outcome. A journey you are cordially invited to follow and contribute to, if you have a particular knowledge and you can see I am heading toward a mistake, I will put it all on the table.

This will be like the apprentice, and also be nothing like the apprentice because it is just me, no millionaire backer or mentor, no start-up capital, just a lot of business books read, a bag full of opinions, and a ton of determination and drive.

That is all for this post so please book your seat as the challenge will begin on 14 – 01 – 2019 I'm excited and hoping to see you there.


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