I'm Building an Online Business - and you can watch every step

Slowly did the idea evolve in my mind that I could invite people to follow me on social media and I would post daily my progress, my results, my activities, my strategies etc. after all, I had ten years’ worth of training and education stored up, so I could give an almost unique amount of value as people saw the process happening in real time.

In return, I would not feel alone in my journey anymore, and I would also have just made myself accountable to however many of you have chosen to be my witness.

I have many strategies stored up and ready to try out, some of which I paid considerable sums to learn. So, expect to learn much valuable knowledge along the way, and perhaps, learn from my mistakes – though that is not often the human way.

Now you know my reason for going so public with my journey and inviting you who are maybe interested in creating your own journey and self-sustaining income I serve up a big warning notice…

If you are utterly new to the idea and mouth-watering prospect of being an online business owner or entrepreneur, the journey will not begin at the point you are entering it with me. (Don’t be fooled by the title of entrepreneur by the way – most self-proclaimed ones are earning no more that the average nine-to-fiver, and working twice as hard for it)

Every single business owner has made many mistakes and you must make yours too, as I have made mine. My journey really began ten years ago and it is littered with many failures, but it is also now furnished with my own intellectual property in the form of books and VERY unique digital content I have created.

This content, and my vision for its development and application will form the platform of this audacious one year to build an online business challenge. If I also had to create that from scratch there simply would not be enough hours in the day to do what needs to be done. Not even if my name way Gary Veinerchuk.

So if you are not put off with this additional equation that would inevitably have to form any part of your own digital business (if that was the route you were taking) then I solute you. Just maybe you are made of the right stuff 😊


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