Early Hours Anxiety and the Four Essential Elements to Start an Online Business

Do you experience the words of your anxieties in the early hours before most other people are awake?

Its only day 2 here at the online business build challenge and day one was already a write-off. Having quit my day job and committed full on to building an online business, there is no plan B. As Arnold Schwarzenegger puts it, if you have a plan B, that is taking away energy from your plan A.

So in the early hours of this morning I was crossing an ocean on a tiny raft with a Python snake swimming after me. When I reached shore, I awaited for the python to catch up then I reached out to help it out of the sea. At first we were wary of each other so my mind turned the snake into a black Labrador.

 I awoke from this dream, my mind turned to thoughts of how I had done so many years of preparation for this moment of quitting my day job to commit full time to building a business, but now I was here, I felt completely and utterly unprepared.

Yet, if you are prone to the early morning anxiety attacks you will also know that the fears you experience in that moment are mostly an illusion. While it feels like there is a mountain to be climbed, the size of the task can naturally feel overwhelming and scary.

But herein lies the difference between everyone who succeeded and everyone that gave in to the early hours fear. Those that succeeded carried on regardlessly and relentlessly. The key to fighting overwhelm is to break the project down to smaller pieces and tackle one piece at a time.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other until you find you are walking, then jogging, then finally running.

There are four essential components to consider when taking a leap to start your own online business. They are as follows:

  1. Get viable
  2. Get organised
  3. Get solvent
  4. Get in the game 

Get Viable - When I say get viable, what I mean is, know what product or service you want to sell and do the research to establish that a market exists for that product. If the market doesn’t exist, or it is too small then you will be in trouble from the start.

Get Organised – There are a million things in our daily lives to distract us from the goal but when your future depends on what you are doing, you better find a way to eliminate those distractions and temptations and free up as much time as possible.

Get solvent – Chances are you have just traded in your main income source for time. But the bills still need paying so first things first, organise your outgoings, cut out the wastage, and begin work on immediately establishing alternate streams of income.

Get in the game – This refers to being in the right mental state for the challenges that lie ahead. There are many mental strategies you can run and I will begin to share what I am personally doing as I go along. They really are that important to your success.

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