For all you amazing people with hidden depth (hidden by shyness and social anxiety) The 21 strategies cheat sheet is a compilation of undercover quick wins covering the following areas:

        • Preparation
        • Reading body language
        • Approaching and introducing
        • Engaging with others
        • Voice control and projection
        • Closing a conversation

Below is a sneak peak at strategy number one...

1. Take Back The Power

Opinions of others is possibly the most toxic substance to the liberation of any human that ever lived. Worrying what others think of you will forever h​old you back from knowing what it could be like to be truly confident. When the little voice in your head starts using this fear tactic to ‘save you from yourself’, and keep you invisible, while ultimately holding you back, here's one way to destroy it's influence over you

A. Visualise your inner voice -  give it a silly form such as a cartoon character. 

B. Make your inner voice character sound ridiculous - such as giving it a squeaky voice.  

By making your inner voice look and sound ridiculous you reduce its power and authority, now its dire warnings about what others are thinking become meaningless and even funny.  

People may gossip when you take a risk to act beyond your normal character, but that's only an initial reaction. Inside they two have their insecurities, and if they are actually even giving you a second thought, it's most probably to quietly wish they had the imagination and courage to also take the risk and grow. 

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